3 Fold

Ideal equipment for vehicle extraction because of its compact size and rapid deployment.  It is made of lightweight Industrial-strength aluminum. Suitable for EMS, military and civilian operations. 3 Fold stretcher is a great asset for any ambulance.

  • Special stretcher for disaster and EMS services
  • Industrial-strength aluminum anodized and lightweight structure
  • Foldable lengthwise and crosswise
  • Non slippery handgrips renders firm grasp on the stretcher
  • Rugged spreader bars and legs provide stable support
  • Easy to use and store
  • Compact version
  • Available in antibacterial, antifungal and fire-retardant fabric (optional)
  • Carrying bag (optional)
Product Model Folding Stretcher - 3 Fold
Product Code R-S-FS-STF-01
Material Fabric
Unfolded - Length (cm)  200
Unfolded -  Width (cm) 50
Unfolded - Height (cm) 11
Folded - Length (cm)  60
Folded - Width (cm) 30
Folded Height (cm) 17
Weight (kg) 7,5
Loading Capacity (kg) 150
R-S-FS-STF-01_1 R-S-FS-STF-01_2 R-A-CBFS-3fold