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Basket Stretcher

Used mainly in emergency cases where there are obstacles to reach the patient, such as difficult terrain, difficult access to the patient. As it is also used in water rescue operations, the basket stretcher is equipped with floats.
  • Industrial-strength and lightweight construction
  • 100% argon welded frame construction joints
  • PVC netting floor
  • Four connection points for easy lifting
  • Three nylon fixing straps
  • Resistant to chemical and temperature factors
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to operate
  • Available in both anodized and powder coated
  • Available with lockable carabine hooks and slings (optional)
  • Available with floating tubes (optional)
  • Available in reinforced structure
Product Model Basket Stretcher Basket Stretcher Basket Stretcher
Product Code R-S-BS-A-01 R-S-BS-S-01 R-S-BS-SS-01
Material Aluminium Steel Stainless Steel
Length (cm)   214 214 214
Width (cm) 61 61 61
Height (cm) 18 18 18
Weight (kg) 7,7 16 14
Loading Capacity (kg)  700 900 1200
R-S-BS-A-01_Basket StretcherHola R-S-BS-A-01_Basket Stretcher