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Incubator Stretcher

The all new Incubator Stretcher is platform capable of providing maximum safety to the incubator while transferring from one location to another. The innovative central grid system allow easy installation and removal of incubator with maximum clinical precision. Our Incubator stretchers are fully compatible with ROYAX power-assisted Valens RX6® undercarriage. 

  • Lightweight, high-strength aluminum construction
  • High-strength material (polymer and composite)
  • Easy loading
  • Four handles
  • Easy fixation of the incubator
  • Fixation by pins and locker to undercarriage
  • Compatible with power-assisted Valens RX6® undercarriage
Product Model Incubator Stretcher
Product Code R-S-RS-VRI-01
Material Aluminum + Composite + Stainless Steel
Length (cm)  197
Width (cm) 54
Height (cm) 15
Weight (kg) 5
Loading Capacity (kg) 200
Incubator Stretcher