The effective use of this device is when applied to securely immobilize the patient´s head and spine. In the absence of spinal boards this device is a perfect spinal immobilizer, unlike spinal boards KED folds around the patient and is in place by straps across the forehead and chin and built-in straps across the chest and around the thighs, preventing further injuries.

  • Immobilizes and extricates patients trapped in an accident or emergency
  • Provides vertical and horizontal immobilization to protect head and neck against further injuries
  • Colored straps for easy usage
  • Available in X-ray translucent (optional)
  • Available in various colors (optional)
Product KED
Code R-SI-KED-01
Type Adult
Length (cm) 90
Width (cm) 77
Height (cm) 3
Weight (kg) 2
R-SI-KED-01_KED_support R-SI-KED-01_KED_pytel R-SI-KED-01_KED