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Pediatric Restraint System

(Vacuum Mattress)

Pediatric restraint and transport system is an universal multitimes usable device which enables a quick fixation and safe transport of injured child usable not only for standard ambulance service but also by aerial, mountain or other else first-aid responder organizations.

  • Complex emergency system designed for pediatric use
  • Adjustable 5-pointed restraint system
  • System for attachment to the main construction of stretcher
  • Vacuum system provides maximum protection and comfort for patients
  • Easy patient handling and transport allowed by side handles
  • Sliding pelvic harness allows optimum immobilization of the patient according to his body measurements (max. height 130 cm)
Product Name Pediatric Restraint System – Vacuum Mattress
Product Code  R-A-RS-04
Length (cm) 110
Width (cm) 57
Weight (kg) 3
R-A-RS-04_Pediatric Restraint System - Vacuum