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Scoop Stretcher Classic

ROYAX offers a high stable Scoop Stretcher which helps operators to lift supine patients in trauma, especially with spinal injuries.

  • Used in cases with possible spinal injury and accident victims to be placed under the patient without any movement
  • Industrial-strength lightweight and durable aluminum structure
  • Decreasing risk of further injuries
  • Folding in half
  • Telescopic tubes for length adjustment
  • Anodized body aluminum profile
  • Secured locking system
  • Three nylon fixing straps
Product Model Scoop Stretcher Classic
Product Code R-S-SC-A-01
Material Aluminium + Composite
Unfolded - Length (cm)   205
Unfolded -  Width (cm) 45
Unfolded - Height (cm) 8
Folded - Length (cm)  165
Folded - Width (cm) 45
Folded Height (cm) 12
Folded in Half - Length (cm)  112
Folded in Half - Width (cm) 45
Folded in Half - Height (cm) 12
Weight (kg) 9,2
Loading Capacity (kg) 220
R-S-SC-A-01_1 R-S-SC-A-01_2R-S-SC-A-01_3