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Spinal Board

For pre-hospital spinal immobilization, the spinal board is the established standard. High density plastic material is sturdy, but very lightweight for transportation. Spinal Boards come in two different sizes: adult and pediatric; and are X-ray translucent, MRI compatible so as compatible with all kinds of head immobilizers.
  • Design provides the optimal combination of rigidity, x-ray translucence and MRI compatibility
  • Smooth High Density Polyethylene material
  • Special, unique design reduces the weight and increases the stiffness and durability
  • 100% X-ray translucent and MRI compatible
  • No foam filled
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Fully sealed construction makes it fluid resistant
  • Ergonomic hand holes at both ends and sides provide the best possible transport
  • Available strapping slots around the board for patient safety and immobilization
  • Available with spider straps (optional)
  • Compatible with all kinds of head immobilizers
  • Meets national and international guidelines for immobilization
Product Model Spinal Board
Product Code R-S-SB-P-01
Type Adult
Material HDPE
Length (cm)  183
Width (cm) 44
Height (cm) 5,5
Weight (kg) 8
Loading Capacity (kg) 160
R-S-SB-P-01_Spinal Board_Adult_front R-S-SB-P-01_Spinal Board_Adult_back