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Stairmann ROLL

A combination of aluminum, ABS, polymers, composites and stainless steel makes this innovative Stairmann a great asset in emergency situations.  It glides effortlessly down stairways to assist with the quick emergency evacuation. It also reduces the possibility of back injury for the operators.
  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • The material is a combination of aluminum, ABS, polymers, composites, and stainless steel
  • Two revolving front wheels with 110 mm diameter
  • Impact resistant rear wheels with 164 mm diameter
  • Ergonomic design of the seat and back rest areas
  • Large patient seat
  • High stability while loading and unloading
  • Two adjustable telescopic handles in front, adjustable lift bar and two folding handles behind the seat to provide various carrying positions
  • Rubber grip N-coated two parallel tracks for reliable mobility and gliding over the stairs with different shape and height (optional)
  • Gas spring controlled rear tracks to be used in any angle (optional)
  • Powder coated body
  • Two straps for maximum patient immobilization
Product Name Stairmann ROLL
Product Code R-S-STAIR-B-01
Material Aluminium + Composite + Stainless Steel
Unfolded - Length (cm) 89
Unfolded - Width (cm) 57
Unfolded - Height (cm) 99
Folded - Length (cm) 24
Folded - Width (cm) 57
Folded -  Height (cm) 99
Weight (kg) 15