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A stretcher which allows safe transportation of the patient on staircases, in lifts or in corridors or any other places where the horizontal transportation  is not possible. It is lightweight and ensures proper lifting for a convenient stairway transport.
  • Emergency rescue usage
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum structure
  • Powder coated body
  • Easy patient transport on stairs, in lifts and corridors
  • Easy folding and unfolding
  • Easy storage in ambulance
  • Safe mobility
  • Washable and waterproof seat fabric
  • Removable seat fabric
  • Folding foot rest
  • Ergonomic arm rest
  • Two straps for maximum patient immobilization
  • Available in antifungal, fire-retardant and high frequency welding seat fabric (optional)
  • Available with fixed or telescopic handles
Product Model Stairmann
Product Code R-S-STAIR-A-01
Material Aluminium + Composite + Stainless Steel
Unfolded - Length (cm)   91
Unfolded -  Width (cm) 60
Unfolded - Height (cm) 122
Folded - Length (cm)  29
Folded - Width (cm) 60
Folded Height (cm) 122
Weight (kg) 7,5
Loading Capacity (kg)  220
R-S-STAIR-A-01_f R-S-STAIR-A-02_Stairman_noha - kopie R-S-STAIR-A-01_Stairman_slozeny  R-S-STAIR-A-01_Stairman