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Vacuum KED

Vacuum Extraction Device is used to fix and immobilise patients suspected of having spinal injuries, cervical or upper spine injuries especially for patients trapped in accidents. Vacuum KED provides easy carriage for a short distance. Two handles, forehead and chin straps, shoulder / chest, waist and leg straps provides maximum protection for patients.

  • Immobilization and extrication of trapped patients in accidents with the possibility of spinal injury
  • Eases carrying for a short distance
  • Open wounds must be sterilized and dressed before using
  • Two handles, forehead and chin straps, shoulder / chest, waist and leg straps
  • Colored straps for easy usage
  • Removable straps, handles, buckles can be washed at 60°C
  • Self-closing valves
  • Multi chamber system
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • X-ray translucent and MRI compatible
Product Vacuum KED
Code R-SI-KED-02
Type Adult
Length (cm) 94
Width (cm) 105
Height (cm) 3
Weight (kg) 2,9
R-SI-KED-02_Vacuum KED_vyfoukla R-SI-KED-02_Vacuum KED