• Front cabin, for the pilot and co-pilot.
  • Patient cabin, for 3x patients and 3x
  • Extra compartment, for kitchen, toilet and

Speed / Displacement:

  • Maximum speed 36 knots / service speed
  • Cruising speed 30 knots / economical speed

Endurance Range / Mission Duration:

  • Approx180- 200 nautical miles.


  • Air Conditioning
  • Ventilation
  • Refrigerator
  • Sanitary Systems


Nautical and Navigation Instruments & Lights:

  • Search and Navigation Light
  • Emergency Light-bar & Siren
  • Window Wipers.
  • Radar and GPS
  • U.H.F./V.H.F.

Construction, Materials and Workmanship:

  • The Hull, deck (Non-Skid flooring and paint) and superstructure is of all welded construction in aluminum (approved shipbuilding quality).
  • Handrails are installed all around the main


with the following functionality:

  1. 3 Stretchers with mattresses
  2. Defibrillation and ventilators Wash basin & cleaning shower functionality
  3. Suction and Oxygen (central and stationary)
  4. 4 seating patients or accompanying persons
  5. 2x pilot seats
  6. 3x Doctor & paramedic seat
  7. Search and Rescue (SAR) Equipment as Thermal Binocular, Crane

General Description:

  • Diesel driven deep V-shape Trimaran Mono Hull type ambulance
  • Operate with in under tropical conditions at up to 5 Beaufort Sea scale (stability and good sea keeping capabilities) as well as in shallow
  • Fitted with medical facilities for small operation, life support and hospital transfe
  • This is a customized specification for Boat Ambulance or SAR
  • These types of boats could be designed to operate in tropical zones at high temperatures and high humidity atmosphere or any other conditions (based on operation zone).
  • This is also designed to provide ease of operation, safety, reliability, and accessibility for repair and