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3 Fold Camil Stretcher

The Royax 3 Fold Camil Folding Stretcher is expertly designed to meet the rigorous demands of disaster response and emergency medical services (EMS). Combining advanced materials and innovative design, this folding stretcher ensures reliable performance, ease of use, and superior durability in critical situations.

Key Features
  • Specialized Design: Specifically engineered for disaster response and EMS services, the 3 Fold Camil Stretcher provides a robust and dependable solution for patient transport in challenging environments.
  • High-Strength Construction: Constructed from high-strength, durable aluminum, the stretcher offers exceptional stability and support while remaining lightweight and portable.
  • Advanced Fabric: The stretcher surface is made from antibacterial, antifungal, and fire-retardant fabric, providing enhanced protection against microbial contamination and fire hazards. Optional fabric variations are available to meet specific operational needs.
  • Compact and Portable: The stretcher features a foldable design, both lengthwise and crosswise, allowing for compact storage and easy transport. Its lightweight construction ensures that it can be quickly deployed when needed.
    Ergonomic and Secure: Equipped with non-slip handgrips, the stretcher ensures a firm grasp during transport. Each stretcher includes two quick-release patient restraint systems to secure the patient safely during movement.
  • Rugged Support: Rugged spreader bars and legs provide stable support, ensuring that the stretcher can handle substantial weight loads without compromising stability.
  • Easy Maintenance: The 3 Fold Camil Stretcher is designed for easy cleaning, ensuring that it can be quickly sanitized and ready for reuse.
  • Optional Accessories: The stretcher can be enhanced with optional accessories such as a carrying bag for easier transport, and is available with metal or plastic buckles for added versatility.

Metal Buckles: Provide additional strength and durability.
Plastic Buckles: Offer lightweight and corrosion-resistant alternatives.
Fire Retardant Fabric: Enhances safety by providing protection against fire hazards.
Carrying Bag: Facilitates easy transport and storage of the stretcher.


The Royax 3 Fold Camil Stretcher is ideal for use in disaster response scenarios, EMS operations, military applications, and any situation requiring reliable and efficient patient transport. Its robust construction and advanced features make it a vital tool for first responders and medical professionals working in the field.