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Sarir Stretcher

The Sarir Detachable Stretcher is a groundbreaking innovation that marries the flexibility of a detachable stretcher system with the trusted performance of the Feria design. This stretcher is specifically engineered to meet the diverse demands of modern medical settings, offering unparalleled adaptability, convenience, and efficiency.

Adaptable Design for Diverse Applications: The Sarir Detachable Stretcher boasts three levels of height adjustment and can be quickly and easily detached from its base trolley, providing exceptional flexibility for various medical scenarios. This feature not only enhances patient care but also allows the stretcher to double as a standalone trolley. It is especially suited for transporting sensitive equipment, such as incubators, with utmost care and precision.

Robust Construction for Dependable Performance: Crafted with a robust yet lightweight frame, the Sarir Detachable Stretcher guarantees long-lasting durability and reliability. Equipped with four swivel wheels, including two with locking mechanisms, it ensures superior maneuverability and stability, facilitating safe and efficient patient and equipment transport across healthcare facilities.

Seamless Technological Integration: Featuring Bluetooth control compatibility, the Sarir Detachable Stretcher integrates flawlessly with the Arikeh base support system. This advanced functionality enables caregivers to operate the stretcher with ease, improving workflow efficiency and ensuring optimal patient comfort and safety.