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Stairmann & Stairmann Plus

Excellence in Mobility and Safety: We take pride in our innovation and craftsmanship in the development of specialized seating solutions. Our range includes a diverse array of chairs, from evacuation chairs to stair case chairs, designed with the utmost care to ensure safety, comfort, and mobility. Our products, including the esteemed Stairmann and Stairmann Plus lines, are engineered for efficiency and ease, catering to a variety of emergency and mobility needs.

Unparalleled Smoothness with Tracking Belts: Our evacuation and staircase chairs are equipped with cutting-edge tracking belts, a feature specifically designed to enhance the process of navigating stairs. These tracking belts ensure a smoother, more controlled descent or ascent, significantly reducing the strain on operators and minimizing risk for patients. This innovative technology is a testament to our commitment to providing solutions that offer peace of mind and reliability in critical moments.

Customization at Your Fingertips: Understanding that each customer has unique needs, Royax stands out as the sole manufacturer capable of tailoring chairs to meet specific requirements. Whether it’s a particular dimension, material, or functionality, our team is adept at customizing our products to align with your needs, as long as they comply with stringent standards such as EN-1865. This bespoke service underscores our dedication to delivering solutions that are not just effective but also perfectly suited to our clients’ diverse scenarios.