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EMS products encompass a wide range of equipment including Patient Transport for stable and comfortable movement, Rescue Stretchers for emergency extractions, and medical supplies for immediate life-saving interventions during cardiac arrest.


Patient Transport products are designed to facilitate the safe and efficient movement of patients, especially during emergencies. They include items such as wheeled stretchers, chairs, and ambulance cots, all of which are built to provide stability and comfort during transport.

& Immobilizers

Rescue Stretchers are vital in emergency medical services for retrieving and transporting patients from challenging environments. They are typically lightweight, durable, and may come with additional features such as straps and handles, ensuring secure and easy handling during rescue operations.

Bags & Kits

Immobilization products play a crucial role in EMS by ensuring that patients with potential spinal or limb injuries are stabilized before and during transport. These include cervical collars, backboards, and splints, all designed to prevent further injury by restricting unnecessary movement.