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Mobile medical solutions

Ford Transit Ambulance

Introducing the Ford Transit Ambulance from Royax and RMA – meticulously designed and engineered by RMA based on the reliable Ford Transit chassis, and crafted to exceed expectations in emergency medical services, it seamlessly integrates advanced technology with premium materials, setting new standards in performance, patient care, and rapid response capabilities.

With a focus on safety and reliability, our Ford Transit Ambulance undergoes rigorous testing, including full crash-tests up to 10 G-force to meet EN 1789 standards. This collaboration between Royax and RMA ensures optimal safety for both patients and emergency personnel and sets a new benchmark in ambulance design and manufacturing.

Experience unparalleled innovation and excellence in emergency medical transportation with the Ford Transit Ambulance by Royax and RMA, where every detail is meticulously crafted to ensure the highest standards of quality and performance.

Toyota LandCruiser Ambulance

Introducing the Royax Tactical Toyota Land Cruiser 4×4 Ambulance, engineered for off-road capabilities and optimized for unpaved roads, military operations, and civil defense. This specialized vehicle excels in war zones, crisis situations, and natural disasters, providing crucial support in the most demanding environments. Built with premium-grade materials and robust electrical installations from renowned European brands, the Land Cruiser ensures reliability and resilience under the harshest conditions.

 Our ambulances offer versatile engine options, including Diesel or Petrol, with the flexibility of right or left-hand drive configurations. They are compatible with any fuel type from Euro 3 to Euro 6 standards, ensuring adaptability to various operational requirements. Tailored for diverse climates, our ambulances come with high-performance air conditioning for hot regions and heaters for colder climates, ensuring optimal comfort for patients.

Toyota Hiace Ambulance

A pinnacle in emergency medical transportation, this vehicle integrates sophisticated electronics and advanced technology for effective medical operations. Constructed on a robust and efficient Toyota Hiace chassis, it merges ergonomic design with premium materials to ensure both comfort and functionality.


A compact ambulance, equipped with essential medical gear such as CPR kits, AED and ventilators, is designed to navigate urban traffic swiftly—a vital feature in emergencies. It is primarily used to stabilize patients until further help arrives.