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Arsh Stretcher

Versatile Design for Complex Environments: The Arsh Stretcher is distinguished by its ability to transform from a conventional stretcher into a chair, a feature that offers unmatched flexibility in navigating through tight spaces such as narrow corridors, short elevators, and stairs. This transformative capability ensures that patients can be transported smoothly and comfortably in any setting, overcoming logistical challenges that traditional stretchers cannot.

Unlimited Positioning for Enhanced Comfort: Equipped with cutting-edge gas spring mechanisms, the Arsh Stretcher allows for effortless adjustment of the backrest, providing unlimited positioning options. Whether transitioning from a flat laying position to a seated posture, caregivers can easily adjust the stretcher to meet the specific comfort and support needs of patients, enhancing the overall transportation experience.

Adherence to the Highest Standards of Safety and Quality: In its commitment to delivering superior design and performance, the Arsh Stretcher not only meets but exceeds the rigorous safety and quality requirements of EN-1789 and EN-1865-1. This compliance ensures that the Arsh Stretcher is a product of the highest standards, ready to serve the critical needs of the healthcare industry.