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Head Immobolizer EVA

Our Head Immobilizer EVA, is a pinnacle of safety and comfort in patient care. Crafted from ethylene vinyl Acetate (EVA), this head immobilizer offers unparalleled features. Its 100% water-resistant nature ensures durability, while its chemical resistance and robustness against heat guarantee long-lasting performance. The ergonomic design prioritizes patient comfort, providing optimal stabilization and immobilization of the head with minimal pressure, ensuring maximum safety and support.

Our Head Immobilizer EVA is equipped with Nylon Velcro straps that are not only 100% washable but also feature high-frequency welding, ensuring they can be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly without any liquid penetration. The design includes large observation holes on either side, allowing for easy monitoring of ear conditions, essential for patients with head injuries and potential ear bleeding.

The comfort factor is enhanced by the soft and accommodating under-bed surface, engineered specifically to cradle the patient’s head gently. This element, crucial for prolonged usage, ensures that patients remain comfortable and supported.

Furthermore, the Head Immobilizer EVA is infused with medical-grade additives, providing anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, thereby elevating the product’s hygiene standards and making it an ideal choice for medical settings.