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Incubator Stretcher

The Incubator Stretcher is specifically designed to cater to the dynamic needs of mobile Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) and neonatal transportation ambulances, ensuring the utmost safety and comfort for the most precious passengers.

Versatile Installation Options: Our innovative solutions offer the flexibility to install incubators on either monoblock or detachable stretchers, tailored to meet the diverse operational demands of healthcare providers:

Monoblock Stretchers: Ideal for dedicated incubator transportation, our monoblock stretcher option guarantees a permanent and secure installation. Once equipped, the stretcher becomes exclusively utilized for incubator transport, ensuring a stable and reliable platform for neonatal care during transport.

Detachable Stretchers: For operations requiring versatility, our detachable stretcher option provides the ultimate flexibility. This choice allows for the incubator to be securely installed on the upper stretcher, which can be detached for alternate uses if necessary. Although we advocate for the original factory installation to maintain optimal safety and security, this option offers adaptability for changing operational needs.

Customized Secure Fit: Recognizing the diverse range of incubators used in neonatal care, we offer customized holder adjustments to ensure a perfect fit for any incubator model. Our commitment to customization and flexibility allows healthcare providers to seamlessly integrate our Incubator Stretchers into their existing neonatal transport systems, without compromising on security or functionality.