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Royax Cervical Collar

The Royax Cervical Collar offers exceptional support and comfort for the cervical spine, designed to maintain natural alignment. Its semi-rigid thermoplastic design features alarge anterior opening for easy tracheotomy access, while the adjustable posterior occipital component ensures a personalized fit to the natural contours of the neck.

Key Features
  • Comfortable Interior: Soft lining for prolonged comfort.
  • Adjustable Sizes: Four positions for a customized fit.
  • Imaging-Compatible: Non-metallic, X-ray translucent, and MRI friendly.
  • Medical Access: Large spiracle for easy respiratory and carotid artery supervision.
  • Compatibility: Works seamlessly with spinal boards and head immobilizer,
Aditional Informations

Ideal for medical professionals, the Royax Cervical Collar combines practical design with patient comfort, ensuring effective cervical support in medical and emergency settings.